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FAQ's and Tips for moving

Questions made ​​by our customers to contact Removal Diagonal

Choosing a Good Moving Company

Make sure the company previously paid a visit without obligation at home, that will send the budget in writing, it offers the possibility of hiring a personal safe and that has a liability insurance. If you can, also get references from other customers. On our website you will find some comments from our customers.

How far in advance should I contact you?

It is advisable to contact a month in advance to plan your move without haste or setbacks. The longer dispose of, the better we can organize the inspection visit, the dates of the move, delivering boxes for packing, obtaining permits to work on public roads, etc.

Do you have Storage?

Our company has its own storage with 24 h to store the goods of our customers with complete safety and security.

How much costs keeping my stuff in the storage?

The price of storage depends on the stored volume in m3 and is payable monthly. Our sales man will advise you that you have (no obligation).

Dou you have any doubt?

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The price of a move can vary depending on the volume to be moved, the work done by the company (packaging of goods, removal / installation and protection of furniture) and access to the homes.
If it is a local moving the usual time is a full working day or maybe two days if the packaging of goods is necessary. In the event that your move is national or international, the time will vary depending on the distance and the necessary transportation to your destination.
Diagonal Removals normally pack the contents of the address of their customers, but if you prefer to do the packing yourself, we will provide boxes and seal necessary for moving without any cost. In that case, the customer must choose between only packing their personal belongings and all their belongings.

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