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It never was so easy to make a move with Removals Diagonal

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Our services to make your move even easier.

In Diagonal Removals we only think of nuetras customer satisfaction , field-work move as easy and efficient as possible so that it does not cause any discomfort or concern you make your move . That is why we provide a range of services realizacionados parallel to removal so you get a great satisfaction.

Dismantling of furniture

We provide services dismantling and assembling furniture in general and special furniture dismantling packaging for later transfer to local, national and international level and mount the unloading . We have our own cabinet makers and assemblers , some highly trained specialists .

Packaging of goods

We offer our packing service furniture and objects or articles in our removals , local, national and international . Note that good packaging is a guarantee of success for your move. Packaging materials have the best quality , which allows us to ensure that their furniture and belongings are protected at all times .

Personalized insurance

Diagonal Removals is a professional and efficient company in the work done. However, we are aware that when servicing moving , our operators can have an accident just because of being people. For this reason , we are committed to our customers to always solve without any excuses any incident that we have caused during loading, transport or delivery of your move.

Diagonal Removals includes in its general insurance budgets according to LCTTM ( Contract Act Carriage of Goods ) , that all moving companies are required to have hired and to show their customers if requested .

And also unlike other companies , we offer the possibility of hiring an optional personalized insurance for all your belongings . It is not safe for Diagonal Removals a means to satisfy our customers , but a solution to the point where we had to use it.

Companies , offices and agencies

Removals with all the operation that your company need. Diagonal Removals, when moving a business , to interfere as little as possible in the daily work of the office, department or office that will move.

We offer our services locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, we conducted internal movements within its facilities or plan the transfer of one or more of its officers or employees anywhere in the world.

Many private companies (SMEs and multinationals) and public and government agencies , have already trusted our experience.

  • Packing of documentation , files and personal belongings of each job.
  • Packaging equipment.
  • Removing and installing office furniture.
  • Destruction of documents with or without a certificate.
  • Own and secure storage for custody of your files or furniture that can not be positioned on arrival.
  • Cranes or lifting platforms outside.

Cleaning , waste management and donation of goods

Cleaning Services old home and keys.

Management boxes with goods , furniture or appliances , which you want to undo.

Can donate those belongings that you will not use.

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