We protect, collect and store safely

The WAREHOUSE service is a storage solution for individuals and companies, during their removal process or when facing isolated situations, such as not having their new house, refurbishments at their usual residence, transfer of the workplace or companies with limited space.

To fix the cost of the service, it is necessary to make a prior assessment of the volume, according to the list of belongings provided by the customer or by visiting their home, at no cost and with no commitment.

On the day of the pick-up, we disassemble the furniture, we pack and protect your belongings to keep them in optimal conditions during their stay, be it brief or for an indefinite period.

We prepare a detailed inventory and offer general insurance, according to the conditions of our policy, with the option to take out comprehensive insurance.

The WAREHOUSE is located at our own facilities and has 24-hour security against theft and fire. If the customer wishes, they can bring their belongings and our team will help you in the unloading, inventory and location process.

Difference between Warehouse and storage facilities

Access and hours

In a Warehouse, access is restricted to the customer, or persons authorized in advance by the customer, and to the company's staff specializing in unloading, handling and located the items being moved in their respective places. The access hours are limited to the company's opening hours.
In the storage facility, access is unlimited and there are no specific hours.

Management and use of the space

In the Warehouse, the space is managed by the company. It allows the customer to hire and pay for only the space occupied. The cost varies according to the volume in m3. It is a bespoke service.

In the storage facility, we let compartments of various sizes and their costs depends on the m2 of the selected space, as chosen by the customer.

We recommend depositing the belongings of a family or company that needs constant and regular access to them in a storage facility.

However, a warehouse is the best option for furniture and content that needs to be stored for a period of time in which it is not going to be used repeatedly, though you will have access to your belongings whenever you need it.